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Minerals for Dietary Supplement, Food and Pharmaceuticals

Under our own brand PharMagnesia® LuV is placing on the market high purity minerals and mineral salts for applications in the dietary supplement, food and pharmaceutical industry:

Magnesium carbonate

Calcium acetate

Copper Sulphate

Magnesium chloride

Calcium carbonate

Ferrous fumarate

Magnesium citrate

Calcium chloride

Ferrous sulphate

(tri-Magnesium dicitrate,

Calcium citrate

Potassium citrate

Magnesium hydrogencitrate)

(tri-Calcium citrate)

(tri-Potassium citrate)

Magnesium fumarate

Calcium gluconate

Potassium hydrogencarbonate

Magnesium gluconate

Calcium hydroxide

Sodium hydrogencarbonate

Magnesium hydroxide

Calcium lactate

Zinc sulphate

Magnesium lactate

Calcium oxide


Magnesium oxide

Calcium phosphate


Magnesium phosphate

(di-Calcium phosphate,


Magnesium stearate

tri-Calcium phosphate)


Magnesium sulphate

Calcium stearate


Magnesium trisilicate

Lithothamium Calcareum



(Red algae Calcium)


Our products are available with different bulk densities (from light to heavy) and in different morphologies (powder, flakes, granular for direct compression) and are complying to the current pharmacopeias (EP, USP, DAB, DAC) and/or to the legal food stuff requirements (E-no., FCC).

In addition we offer an extensive service to our customers:

  • A selection of high quality raw materials, competitively priced and complying with the legislative requirements of the market,
  • Provision of substancial quality documentation,
  • Provision of product samples for your galenics,
  • HACCP certified facilities and processes,
  • Technical support during formulation development,
  • Establishment of consignment stock under HACCP conditions and
  • Product packages comprising also pharmaceutical excipients from our team "Pharmaceutical Ingredients".

We are looking forward to receiving your enquiries!