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For you at home in the world of chemical and mineral specialities.

LEHVOSS Polska is the Polish subsidiary of Lehmann&Voss&Co., a chemical company based in Hamburg, Germany, which has been selling chemical and mineral specialities to industrial customers for 125 years.

Established in 2019, LEHVOSS Polska is marketing as a technical sales organisation raw materials to the following industries in Poland: Pharma and Nutrition.

Our product groups at a glance:

For more detailed information on our products and applications, please choose the favored product group: 

Antacids and buffer

Aluminium- / Magnesium hydroxide/Magnesium carbonate for powders and gels.


Mannitol, Sorbitol, Fructose, Maltose

Vaccine Adjuvans

What is an adjuvant?

An adjuvant is a substance that enhances and helps the ability of an antigen to stimulate the immune system. An antigen alone does not stimulate a significant response. Less vaccine antigen (inactive bacteria, virus or toxin) is needed when paired with the right adjuvant.


  • High-purity mineral salts for granulation and direct compression
  • Encapsulated minerals and vitamins

Innovative Excipients

  • Effer-Soda® Surface Modified Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Orally dispersable powder - Pharmasperse® 416
  • Direct compressible excipient system for orally dissolving tablets



Acetate,ascorbate, aspartate, carbonate, chloride,
citrate, fumarate, gluconate, hydroxyde, lactate, oxide,
phosphate, silicate, stearate, sulfate

Bisglycinate, lysinate, malate,
pidolate, succinate, taurate

Acetate, carbonate, chloride, citrate,
fumarate, gluconate, hydroxyde, lactate,
malate, oxide, phosphate, stearate, succinate

Bisglycinate, citrate-malate,
lysinate, malate,pidolate, succinate
SodiumCarbonate, citrate, hydrogen carbonate,
phosphate, sulfate
PotassiumCarbonate, citrate, gluconate, hydrogen
carbonate, nitrate, phosphate
Iron(Ferrous) ammonium citrate,citrate, fumarate,
gluconate, lactate, sulfate
(Ferrous) bisglycinate, pidolate
CopperCitrate, gluconate, sulfateAspartate, bisglycinate, lysinate
Selenium (L-Selenium) methionine, methionine Trit 0,5%
ManganeseAscorbate, chloride, citrate, gluconate, lactate,
Aspartate, bisglycinate, pidolate
Chromium Picolinate
ZincCitrate, gluconate, lactate, oxide, sulfateAcetate, aspartate, bisglycinate, lysinate, malate,
monomethionin, pidolate, picolinate




Branded Ingredients

Bacopa Extract

Bacognize® extract is a natural standardized formula derived from Bacopa monnieri. Clinical research indicates that Bacognize® may offer benefits for cognitive health linked to three major neuroprotective mechanisms. Bacopa is commonly used as an adaptogen supporting cognitive enhancement, memory, focus, attention and stress.

Verdure Sciences
Greenshell Mussel
Glycomega™- PLUS is a scientifically researched blend of Greenshell™ mussel extract sourced from the clean waters of New Zealand and a botanical antioxidant, which together provide significant levels of anti-inflammatory activity.
Aroma New Zealand
Golden Omega®
Fish Oil Concentrates

Golden Omega Fish Oils are high quality Omega-3 concentrates up to 75% of EPA and DHA obtained only from anchovies of the South Pacific.

Golden Omega
Fish oil DC Powder for tablets
GOtab is pure, high quality Golden Omega fish oil concentrates, optimized by OmegaTri™ technology into a direct compressible powder for tablets.
Golden Omega - 
Omega Tri
Optimized Curcumin

Longvida® contains the natural antioxidant curcumin, optimized by SLCP™ technology for maximum bioavailability into blood and target tissues. It supplies significant levels of free (not glucuronidated or inactivated) curcumin. Longvida’s benefits have been published in more than 52 studies.

Verdure Sciences
Pure MSM supprted by Science

OptiMSM® is a branded form of MSM manufactured in the U.S. in a single-purpose production facility and purified through a proprietary multi-stage distillation process. Clinical research demonstrates OptiMSM® benefits on joint health, beauty within, healthy aging, exercise recovery and more.

Bergstrom Nutrition
Pomegranate Extract

Pomella® extract is a patented, clinically researched pomegranate extract, standardised to the highly bioavailable punicalagins along with the natural spectrum of pomegranate fruit polyphenols.

Verdure Sciences
Organic Seaweed

PureSea® is a range of naturally innovative seaweed ingredients, which are sourced from the pristine and remote Scottish Outer Hebrides. PureSea® is carefully processed using Patent Pending technologies, with every batch DNA Authenticated for quality and provenance. PureSea® it is a vegan, standardised source of iodine, allowing EU Health Claims.

Seaweed and Co.
MSM Feed Grade
Targeting the companion animal market PurforMSM® provides consumer’s confidence that their animals are receiving premium MSM free from contaminants. PurforMSM® complies with the EU definition of Feed Material per Commission Regulation 575/2011, Section 13.9.1.
Bergstrom Nutrition
Advanced Vitamin C
PureWay-C is a proprietary, proven form of vitamin C that contains lipid metabolites of lipid triglycerides and citrus bioflavonoids, for better delivery, absorption and uptake of vitamin C.
One Innovation Labs
Polyphenols Blend
Synergistic blend of proprietary polyphenols. This unique blend of curcuminoids and pomegranate ellagitanins offers an adaptogenic nutritional approach for recovery and immunity support.
Verdure Sciences
Vitamin D OrganicOrganic certified, whole-food supplement ingredient that provides a pure vegan source of vitamin D2 with all of the nutritional benefits found in mushrooms.
Guzen Development
Boswellia Extract 
Representing the natural spectrum of boswellic acids used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, WokVel® is a high quality boswellia extract, supported by peer-reviewed clinical trials.
Verdure Sciences
Lutein and Zeaxanthin

XanMax® is more than lutein: it is a unique branded carotenoid range of products, with specific lutein - zeaxanthin ratios. Derived from carefully selected marigold flowers.

Katra Phytokem