All membrane products have a limited lifetime. This has been extremely prolonged since the beginnings of technology, but it is a fact that all filtration products, especially in pressure-operated membrane technology, are exhausted in the end. The reasons and definitions for this are manifold, but the following focal points can be worked out:

1. Mechanical defects

The membrane/module has been handled incorrectly and is mechanically irreversibly damaged. This is not uncommon in practice. A quick exchange is then not only desirable, but a necessity. Here we can offer alternatives.

2. Lack of filtrate (permeate) quantity (quantitative consideration)

Despite repeated and increased cleaning, a sufficient amount of permeate can no longer be produced. In more than 90% of applications, especially in special applications, the filtrate performance decreases over time despite regular cleaning. A further complicating factor is that the cleaning process, in which chemicals are usually used, additionally exhausts the membrane and thus itself contributes to wear. If the quantity of product produced is then permanently insufficient and the cleanings carried out do not bring any significant improvements, the modules are replaced. Since this process is usually announced in advance, it makes sense for the plant operator to take the opportunity and look around for more interesting products in terms of price or technology. We can provide solutions here.

3. Poor support (qualitative consideration)

A very important criterion when selecting the right membrane is the safe and defined retention at the membrane. This must match the requirements. If the passage through the membrane is too large, so that the retention of the substance or particle to be separated is no longer sufficient, the membrane must be replaced. This is usually irreversible. This is particularly important in process-relevant applications, where either retentate or permeate is the product. Therefore, the module/membrane has a special value-adding significance here. If the product is still available, we can offer it. If, however, the user is looking for an alternative product, e.g. to ensure operational safety by using a second product, the plant operator should pilot in advance and accompany the actual filtration process. We have a large market overview.