Lehmann&Voss&Co. honored as "Authentic Employer 2012"

The German Employer Branding Academy (DAGM) has officially recognized Lehmann&Voss&Co. as a credible and attractive employer.

DAGM, based in Berlin, is a leading institute in the field of appraisal of employer brands.

This hallmark certifies that LuV's performance as an employer has a high quality and authenticity for both its employees and on the labor market. The sources for this statement are, amongst others, interviews with different groups of employees and independent experts.

The motivation for such a "fitness test" is of course the need to learn more about questions such as: How attractive are we as an employer? Are we prepared for the shortage of skilled labor? Are our employees aware of the values we defend as an employer?

The attractiveness depends, more particularly, on the degree of consistency, credibility as well as a high acceptance of our "messages" as a company. A high degree of correspondence between our self-portrait as an employer and the perception by employees and applicants turned out to be decisive, in particular with a view to the features: open, social, honest.