LEHVOSS Personal Care to offer Terlys’ bio-based active ingredients to key personal care markets in Europe

Terlys Inc. and LEHVOSS Personal Care are glad to announce that they have entered into a distribution partnership.

The partnership will allow formulators of fine high-end dermo-cosmetics products from Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland access to the pure and multi-action active ingredients Terlys provides.

“At LEHVOSS Personal Care, we are dedicated to helping our customers discover innovative formulations. Our team focuses on sustainable ingredients whenever possible,” says Dr. Michael Lütke, Global Director of the LEHVOSS Personal Care Business. “This is why we are very happy to be able to add Terlys’ products to our offerings – products, which are made from by-products in sustainable forestry and support reducing the overall carbon footprint. The way how Terlys works, their acceptance of responsibility is very much in line with how we act at Lehman&Voss&Co., within our 127 years’ tradition.”

“We are very pleased to be able to introduce our active ingredients to new markets in Europe with such a distinguished new partner,” says Frédéric Thibault, President of Terlys. “European markets are actively searching for ingredients that are pure; they are also actively searching for ingredients that are extracted using methods that respect the environment. We at Terlys are committed to answering to both preoccupations.”

Manufacturers of high-end, quality personal care products in Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland may now contact LEHVOSS to order pure active ingredients and become part of our shared goal of providing exclusive benefits while protecting the environment.

About Terlys

Terlys has developed efficient manufacturing processes in accordance with green chemistry principles (intellectual property), as we are specialists in plant chemistry and extraction. We work meticulously to guarantee the quality and safety of our lipophilic actives while providing our customers with all the support they need to make successful products in accordance with global market trends.


Julie Martineau, Communications Director, Terlys – Julie.martineau(at)

Dr. Michael Lütke, Global Director, LEHVOSS Personal Care – Michael.luetke(at)