Your specialist for the controlled production of thermosetting moulding compounds

Our LUVATOL® magnesium oxide thickening pastes enable our customers’ production processes to be controlled individually and with pinpoint precision. The LUVATOL® business team additionally has a large number of special products for thermosetting compounds, such as TRENNFILM carrier films for SMC and relining applications as well as a wide variety of additives for process control and product finishing. These include a broad range of LUVOGARD flame-retardant additives for reaction resins, PVC plastisols and textile coatings as well as LUVATINE dispersing agents for highly filled resin dispersions and the internal release agents of the LUVOTRENT series for diverse applications.

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Innovative products for the vacuum infusion process

The business team LUVATOL® offers a broad range of high quality, innovative  products for the vacuum infusion process:

  • PEEL PLY fabrics based on PA 6.6 ensure a perfect structured surface of the part
  • COMBIMESH flow mesh compound to combine two work steps in one product

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