CARULITE® 200 granular catalyst

The low-temperature catalysts converts ozone into oxygen by means of a catalytic reaction. It is general knowledge that the ozone layer in the stratosphere protects us against harmful rays from space. Yet ozone is also an effective oxidizing agent which is able to disinfect water without the accompanying negative side-effects familiar from using chlorine. Free ozone is very dangerous for humans and the environment and has to be rendered harmless. The release of even small quantities of ozone can result in lasting damage to health. Ozone is also a very reactive gas, which attacks most metals and plastics. Compared with thermal methods, CARULITE® 200 granulat catalyst requires approximately only one-fifth of the reaction time to destroy ozone. CARULITE® 200 granulat catalyst converts ozone into oxygen whereas activated carbon produces carbon dioxide and small quantities of carbon monoxide during the conversion process. Activated carbon reacts with ozone and has to be replaced. CARULITE® 200 granulat catalyst, in contrast, is not consumed by ozone and offers a long-lasting, constantly high conversion rate.