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Safety and Environmental Protection

Our in-house handbook on safety at work, product safety and environmental protection reflects how seriously we take these issues. Everything we do should work toward a healthier and cleaner future.

For many years we've followed the global guidelines of the Initiative for Responsible Care (RC), and incorporated them as a key component of our safety and environmental policy. We have also created our own internal RC guidelines for all our workers to follow.

In addition our safety at work system has been evaluated as exemplary by the competent authority in 2013 ( Find here the document!


Lehmann&Voss&Co. (LuV) has been involved for almost 10 years in cooperation projects with Hamburg schools.
The school cooperation projects with district schools were installed to familiarize pupils with the topic of plastics from a practical 'experience point of view'. The central aim is, in addition to the technical aspects, to provide young people with practical occupational safety and health on site and thus to promote proper behavior in companies at an early stage. In this way, safe work is promoted from a prevention perspective, and later accident risks are minimized. These cooperation projects are constantly being developed.

With these projects LuV was able to successfully participate in some competitions (including 2nd place at the School Prize of the Hamburg Economy 2010, nomination for the German Occupational Safety and Health Award 2013, etc.).

With this background, LuV has been asked in 2018 to participate in an EU project and, as part of an EU case study, contributes to the topic of good practice in occupational safety and health. This case study has now been published:
or document for download (pdf-file)

Contact: Dr. Heiko Thoms, Head of Service Group Environment, Safety and Regulatory Affairs (ESR) Heiko.Thoms(at)