Chelated minerals

A chelated mineral is, in chemical terms, a complex of a metal cation and one or more organic compounds in a stable ring structure.

As an organic compound an amino acid is in this connection particularly suited to constitute a stable chemical ring structure. The ring structure below illustrates such a complex ("M" represents a mineral). 

Chelat.png (228×135)

The advantages of chelates are the above-mentioned structure and the particularly good solubility with a very good bioavailability. 

Lehmann&Voss&Co. offers the following chelated minerals:

Magnesium Magnesium bisglycinate
Magnesium lysinate
Magnesium malate
Magnesium pidolate
Magnesium succinate
Magnesium taurate
Calcium Calcium bisglycinate
Calcium citrate-malate
Calcium lysinate
Calcium malate
Calcium pidolate
Calcium succinate
IronFerrous bisglycinate
Ferrous pidolate
CopperCopper aspartate
Copper bisglycinate
Copper lysinate
SeleniumL-Selenium methionine
L-Selenium methionine Trit 0,5%
ManganeseManganese aspartate
Manganese bisglycinate
Manganese pidolate
ChromiumChromium picolinate
ZincZinc acetate
Zinc aspartate

Zinc bisglycinate

Zinc lysinate

Zinc malate

Zinc monomethionin

Zinc pidolate

Zinc picolinate